Our goal is to create innovative & high-quality features in any kind of form!

Work-experience in combination with our passion for wakeboarding gives us the opportunity to plan and build obstacles and whole parks.


All SHAPE Obstacles are produced with plastic-welding-processes, according to general guidelines. (ÖnOrm EN 13814)


We give 5 years of garanty on our products.


All Elements can get foiled with individual Advertisments or we do recesses with the cnc milling machine, where foiled aluminum plates fit in.

Connection System​

Single elements are positioned by a plug-in connection-system. Construction & Installation is quite easy.

Material & Processing ​

All Elements are welded out of white uv-resistant HDPE Plates. Different colours on demand. There are no visible bolts on the Obstacles. There are Boxes in our features which are filled with styrofoam, therefore they don´t need any extra floatation panels.


Our Teamriders give us detailed feedback about the geometries and rideability. Despite the calculation of the flight curve, it´s very important to get these experiences. „By Rider for rider“.


On demand we support you by your Cable- project. From 3D-planning, to construction and even anchoring the Obstacles in the water. As wells as Photo – and Videoshootings with our Teamriders to promote your park on all available social media channels.

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